Director, Product Development

Hering is responsible for the orchestration of system development, leading curriculum and website building, and assisting the development team in understanding SOF requirements.

Brendan is a reserve PSYOP officer with expertise as a Joint Cyberspace Operations Planner, Army and Joint Special Technical Operations (STO) Planner, Military Deception Planner, and Space Control Planner.

Brendan developed the Special MISO Team construct and employed it in exercise and operational environments. As the J5 Counterterrorism and STO Planner for the Special Operations Joint Task Force-Afghanistan (SOJTF-A)/NATO Special Operations Component Command-Afghanistan (NSOCC-A), he provided influence, cyber, and STO input to SOF and conventional Army planning and targeting efforts.

Additional expertise includes experience managing teams, conducting social network mapping, and engagement utilizing dynamic nodal analysis software to identify key influencers in friendly, neutral, and hostile populations.




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