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Founded in 2014, IDS International (IDS) has become an innovator in multidisciplinary solutions, bridging the gaps between operational needs and organizational capabilities. Our team of interagency trainers and field practitioners provide expertise in conflict, politics, cyber, development, counter-narcotics, disaster relief, and social science research, among other areas.

IDS developed SMEIR to address the cyber and social media training needs of Combat Training Center (CTC) operational environments at the National Training Center (NTC) and the Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC). The initial focus was to provide conventional Army units with an opportunity to access, research, and perform data analysis on social media content, while affording the unit’s Public Affairs (PA), Military Intelligence (MI), Psychological Operations (PSYOPS), and Civil Affairs (CA) elements the opportunity to interact with the notional population based on newly available social media data analytics.


As Cyber Mission Force (CMF) and United States Special Forces Command (USSOCOM) elements increased their participation at the CTCs, SMEIR grew to incorporate the unique training scenarios these elements require. To meet these initial requirements, SMEIR trainers provided USSOCOM elements with the ability to train on digital human intelligence tradecraft and virtually replicated real-world adversary network infrastructures that facilitated the CMF to be trained in network mapping, attack, and defense within select portions of the replicated network.

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