Director, Business Development

Cichowicz leverages his Military, Intelligence Community, Interagency, and industry expertise in Special Operations, Cyberspace Operations, and Information Operations (IO), to bring multidomain training solutions to the Company’s customers.

In 2019, Jon joined IDS to oversee business development, which bridges the nexus of social media analytics, software development, network engineering, and cyber planning to help the US Government understand cyber and IO threats.

Jon now manages sales of the award-winning Social Media Environment and Internet Replication (SMEIR) platform, a scenario-based training solution that provides social media inputs and cyberattacks to help train units to better understand the virtual domain and its relevance to planning and operations.

Prior to his time at IDS, Mr. Cichowicz served as an Army Aviation and Psychological Operations Officer in multiple leadership and staff positions from Platoon to Combatant Command, a Chief of Operations within the NSA’s Counter Terrorism Mission Management Center and Computer Network Operations Directorate as a military integree, Senior Consultant at Deloitte Federal, and Vice President of Special Programs at Clear Ridge Defense. He remains a drilling Army Reservist at US Cyber Command, where he advises elements within the J-3 Directorate on Special Activities relating to cyberspace.

Cichowicz has served abroad in combat and advisory roles during multiple deployments to Afghanistan, Iraq, and in Europe, including a 2018 tour as the JTF Ares liaison to Operation Inherent Resolve, where he integrated into its CEMA Cell and advised SOF on integration of cyberspace effects into operations.

Jon holds a Bachelor’s degrees in Slavic Studies and International Comparative Studies from Duke University, a Master’s Degree in International Relations from Webster University, and a M.B.A. from the University of Maryland Smith School of Business, as well as numerous leadership and technical certifications from Army and Joint training institutions.




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