Our platform delivers the ability to conduct unrestricted offensive and defensive cyber and information operations training while replicating realistic internet scenarios, in closed network environments. Content is flexible and customizable, covering everything from social media analysis and engagement, to network mapping.

It addresses the experience gap warfighters encounter between when they receive classroom training, to when they are tasked to attack and execute in live environments.
There are five core capabilities, website and social media replication, exercise development and management tool, malicious traffic generator, information operations (IO) & cyber/content libraries and software defined infrastructure.

IDS Technology is a non-traditional defense contractor, making us an ideal partner for prototype Other Transaction Agreements (OTAs).

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The training environment replicates all major social media platforms (i.e., Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook), blogs, email, instant messenger, website content, deep web, and creates backbone architecture to support each exercise.


Cyberspace scenarios prepare users to successfully navigate today’s volatile cyber battlefield. Trainers manage and control all training environment content, integrating white noise and sentiment into the exercises in real time, a capacity proprietary to us. Each scenario is agile and scalable.

Integrating each exercise's selected websites and content, the EDMT tweets, follows, likes, and emails from thousands of users at the same time. It scripts, plays, and pauses events and white noise within the exercise. The EDMT also allows for scaling population perspectives and sentiment throughout the training.


Whether running automated cyber threats or penetration testing security vulnerabilities within mission-critical infrastructure, the platform integrates offensive and defensive cyber and social media attacks. This powerful real-world cyber weapon can also be used agnostically to generate realistic white noise within the social media environment or to attack nodes within a defined virtual network infrastructure via methods such as distributed denial of service (DDoS) or malware insertion. 


We train operators to conduct, deny, degrade, disrupt, manipulate, or destroy (D4M) operations against content and/or network nodes within the training environment in real-time, as opposed to administratively shutting down a server during an exercise or “white carding” scenarios to simulate cyberspace attacks on friendly forces. 


The platform preserves and indexes all training content, including white noise injects, allowing for rapid, turn-key training scenario deployment. This provides an off-the-shelf approach to create readily available training scenarios, supporting quick-turn dynamic and long-term training exercises, addressing DoD-specific elements.


Trainers can drag and drop network components into blueprint models, generating virtual networks. By replicating both friendly and adversary infrastructure networks, the training environment is automated and innovative, no matter the size of the simulated network. Our platform easily integrates into any hardware system facilitating a hybrid of software and hardware defined networks, building every possible scenario from a neighborhood city block to critical nation-state infrastructure.